“Westerman’s ethereal style and subject matter — flowing female forms, organic elements like wind and wood incorporated into backgrounds — is instantly recognizable, but now, stumps and limbs and flowers thrust themselves out of the tranquil scenes toward the viewer.” – Jack Fowler, Oklahoma Gazette

NOVO to debut in “Turn” Exhibition, The Project Box, Oklahoma City, OK, August 5, 2016

In their first exhibition together, ”Turn”, acrylic artist AK Westerman and metalsmith Nancy Jackson invite us to turn our eyes to the perfection of the natural beauty that surrounds us, and to reexamine the changing of seasons as it represents cleansing and rebirth in nature as well as in our own personal journeys.    Jackson brilliantly captures ephemeral moments in the earth’s seasonal transitions with masterfully crafted designs created from earth’s most precious metals and minerals.  The delicate radiance of Jackson’s work can only be described as captivating wearable art. The jewelry collection is the perfect complement to Westerman’s intricate and otherworldly interpretations of nature’s metamorphosis.  Her works consist of wood panels featuring deeply textured compositions of charcoal, acrylic, sculpted clays and gels, each panel depicting the inevitable passage of time. Together the artists hope to create a visceral experience that invites viewers to explore our integral connection to creation.

Painter AK Westerman and Silversmith Nancy Jackson Team Up For Turn -OK Gazette