Let AK Share Your Vision.

Work with me to bring your creative vision to life and create a personal work of art for you, your business, or a gift.

Think Outside The Box.

The concept of art is no longer confined to a canvas on the wall.  My work is organic, spontaneous and engaging – you can give your custom piece the same unique energy.  From canvas to wood panels, favorite objects, guitars, skateboards – nearly anything can be turned into a true work of art.  For quotes and ideas and discussions about the possibilities, drop me a line!


Prints of fantasy and surreal art from AK Westerman | Organic Abstracts are available from Redbubble and DeviantArt.


To inquire about the availability of original works, please email me


“The work that Angela does is fantastic. Her style evokes a slew of emotions, and her interpretation and presentation of the subject matter is phenomenal. I have had two works commissioned through her, and I will absolutely be back for more.” – Dan L., DuPont, WA

“Angela is the best. She is very skilled, creative, & understands deadlines. I love working with her.”- Anne Wilson, Nichols Hills, OK

“She’s quick. She’s creative. She understands what we want often without us even saying it. Angela is awesome.” – Jami Smith – Oklahoma City, OK

“When I opened Angela’s portfolio the first time, it took my breath away. I knew then that I was looking at a rare artist whose work showed her talent, her skill and her imagination. Her technique was so flawless that you didn’t notice the medium, but the story and emotion that she had endeavored to express on the page. I know that her work has evolved since that moment when I first saw it, but the evolution is something wonderful in and of itself. You will never be disappointed when you choose Angela to assist you in whatever art or graphic design project you need done.”- Nancy Jackson, designer for Dragonfly In Amber Designs