THE CONCEPT | Organic Abstracts The Work of AK Westerman

My joy in creating comes from a deep desire to comment on humanity’s place on this earth, and the constant battle between man, nature and technology.   Mankind continually strives for evolution, both in process and in innovation.   We search out that which inspires us.  We dream, create, destroy, and dream again.  Our successes and our failures weave a complex and unique tapestry that defines our struggle for advancement.  Perfection is elusive.  Our efforts often result in the destruction of the natural elements around us.  Our history and our future bear the scars of our continued attempts to harmonize with – yet enslave- the natural forces that hold sway on our world.  Nature, man and technology are locked in an endless war, bloody yet beautiful.  Every cycle cleansing and bringing life anew.  I am continuously drawn to this epic and endless dance.

THE WORK | Fantasy & Surrealism That Engage

While every piece is derived from her own personal narrative, AK always attempts to include some ambiguity, allowing the viewer to fill in pieces of the story according to their own unique perspective.   She enjoys working on a large scale, as she believes it creates an almost ‘epic’ feel for the viewer, allowing them to lose themselves in the minute details.  The term ‘organic’ is an apt description for both her creative process and her choice of subject matter, as she prefers to let the work take on a life of its own and her subconscious express itself freely and fluidly without preconceptions.   AK’s work can be described as fantasy, steampunk, and pop surrealism.

AK’S WORK can be seen in galleries throughout Oklahoma.  She has also exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including Colorado, California, Ohio and Texas.  She is currently a resident artist at Dona Laurita Gallery in Louisville, CO.

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